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Permit applications, guidelines, and other printable information are available below. Click the bold underlined links below to view.

  • BVV Declaration and Protective Covenants
    Bella Vista Village, Unit One Covenants and Restrictions dated May 18, 1965.
  • ACC Covenant 15
    Bella Vista Village Architectural Control Committee, Inc. Acknowledgement of Protective Covenant 15 of the Declaration and Protective Covenants of Bella Vista Village.
  • Chapter 5 Design Standards
    Guidelines including additions to residences, colors, decks, docks/boat houses, enclosing carports/garages to living space, fences, garages/sheds/outbuilding, paint, roofing, and structures on unimproved lots.
  • ACC Policy and Procedure Manual 2019
    Includes Authority and Purpose, Administrative Policies, Fees, Definitions, Architectural Design Standards, Application Procedures, Review Procedures, and Signage.
  • ACC Application for Review of New Construction
    Relates to new construction for both Residential and Commercial. Includes an Application Checklist, Indemnity Agreement, and Acknowledgements.
  • ACC Application for Miscellaneous Improvements
    Any improvements that change/maintain the outward appearance of a residence/property require a permit. See ACC Policy & Procedure Manual or ACC Permit Guidelines for details.

Bella Vista Architectural Control Committee

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